Thursday, February 28, 2013

Throwback Thursday!

 I adore my sweet 5 year old but some days I just miss the good old days!
before talking back, before mature conversations...Ivy asked me yesterday how babies get out of their mommies, I changed the subject! FAST! haha and questions that are hard to answer about her "dad."
Sometimes I just want to go back in time!  
Does this mean i'm ready for baby #2?  (after a husband...haha)
noooooo haha!
It kills me to think I am going to go through all of this again if I have more kids one day!  Makes me emotionally tired!
Oh well....for now, I'm just going to get lost in my memories (= sry about the picture overload!

First trip to DISNEYLAND! minus when she was in my belly (=
 I think this was her first taste of ice cream! 

 she couldn't get enough!

 First pained toes!  April 2008!!!

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