Monday, February 4, 2013

Christmas catch up (=

its late i know, but i cannot skip my Christmas post! it is my FAV! holiday!

we always go to the live nativity!  I love it! and the holidays wouldn't be the same without that tradition! 
Ivy was being a butt and didn't want her picture taken!

 one with my beautiful grandma!!

My work had a couple parties...I already posted the one at frankies tiki are a few fun ones from my other work party (=

A little dancing!!!

 Catching up with old friends!!!

 LOTS of singing!!!

finally! day!!!

Brit and bren
 the baldys (=
 our family nativity pageant (=
 Me, Zach and Beth!
 little lucy with the star

 letter and goodies for Santa!!!
 traditional Hungarian nut cookies! YUM!
these few are not christmas day..



 Dream light from her friend Kylie!!! She was soooo excited about that!
 kind of like hot chocolate I guess, they used to have this when they lived in aussie
 HUGE box of chocolate!  Santa knows us too well!!!
 her bunny!!
 bethanys new accessories!
 i made that flower arrangement! (=
 Its a waldron thing...
 brennan and andy!

 bren and grandma!

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