Thursday, February 21, 2013

Valetines Day!!!!

So last night was the night David and I celebrated V-day becuase I was working all day on Thursday.  We had a LOT of fun!  We started the evening with little Ivy I wanted to take her on a triple date to Chuck E. Cheese but shes scared of Chuck E. so I gave her the option to get a happy meal and play in the play place.....she chose McDonalds (=
David took her in the play place but she would NOT go down the slide (= SCAREDY CAT!  We didn't stay too long but it was ok because she was going to play with her cousins so she was happy.


After our Ivy date we went to my home wards Valentines day dance...wasn't a huge turn out but it was fun.  Brittany and Ryan were there and my parents (who we sat by) I enjoyed myself.  We played a cool was a cross between cooties and bunko.....below is a picture of the THREE TIME WINNERS!!!  Thats right!  BOOM!   
We won 3 out of 8 games (=

After the dinner there was a church dance across town and our ward was putting it on.  It was fun!  It was in a huge wearhouse...I have been spoiled working in clubs with AWESOME DJ's so for me the music was a little drowsy but we still had a great time (=

David showed up with this to my job on Valetines day (= awwww what a sweetie!!!

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