Saturday, July 13, 2013


I LOOOOOVE wedding receptions!!!  I run receptions at the wedding chapel I work at and its so much fun!  I was so soo excited to get to plan my own!  Even though it was a little stressful everything turned out AMAZING!  We had a caramel fountain and 2 chocolate fountains....and I got NONE of it hahaha too too busy!  Any chance I could I ran over for carrot and celery sticks! (=
The ceremony started late so I was bummed that our reception was a little rushed but we had a blast!

We showed up late to our own reception because of our photo shoot and our photographer got lost on the way to the reception lol.  As soon as he got there we started with our first dance!!!  We danced to A Thousand Years from the Twilight movies, David had always pictured doing a choreographed walts to this song but unfortunately with such a short engagement we didn't have the time )= darn!

I had trouble trying to figure out what song to do for my daddy daughter dance, I wanted it to be very special!  I knew my wedding day would be hectic and this would be my only one on one time to chat with my dad and talk about what a crazy day it had been.  We ended up you tubing and finding an awesome song that apparently is very popular lol I don't listen to country music much (= the song was called Cinderella and its super cute!  We mostly just talked about how the chocolate fountain not flowing as well as we would have liked.  My dad worked SOOO hard that day setting things up and getting those fountains going and he saved the day by remembering the marriage license!  THANK YOU DAD! 

 Ivy was VERY shy at the ceremony and it all went out the door as soon as the music started at the reception.  This girl LOOOOVES to dance!  And shes FAB at it too!

 Our cake was SOOOO pretty!  And delicious!  The layers were all different flavors, rocky road, peanut butter cup and smores! Can you say YUMMY!

not the most flattering picture hahaha
 Aaron was most deffinatley the life of the party, as usual (=
Ivy and and Levi had the moves! 
 Ivy caught the bouquet!  Which is funny because I'd always joke that the rule in the house was Ivy can't get married until after mommy!  Thank heavens it didn't happen that late in life hahaha

 David surprised me by singing Faithfully by Journey!!!  So sweet!
I was trying to mouth the words in the middle because he forgot some. 

David did not really want to do the garter thing but i'm glad he was a good sport (;
 Ivy mommy time while David was singing!  So sweet!  My mom saved my dress right before this, apparently Ivy was running at my me chocolaty hands! ahhhhhhhh!

My rings and bouquet 

My bridal party!!!  So happy with how everything turned out!!!  All cute and matchy!!

yep....thats Alan
With my parents!!!!  They are the BEST!!!
David's grandparents.  (=
 Brennan found these awesome glasses and bought 20 pair!  They went PERFECTLY with my colors!!!!  
 little Quinny!
oooo la la
 My best friend EVER JEN!!!
 oooo la la
Strapping young men!!!
My girls!
Full bridal party (=
Such a FUN night!!!!  Thanks to everyone who made this happen and everyone who flew and drove in to be with us on our special day!!! LOOOOOVE YOU ALL!

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Sounds like it was such a fun night!! & you look so happy!!