Monday, January 26, 2015

A very special birthday!

Ms. Ivy had a very special birthday celebration this year!  What better place to be then DISNEYLAND!  We spent most of the day with just our little family and met up with everyone else that evening.  In the morning we did the little kid rides behind the castle, luckily when we got there is wasn't too busy and for Peter Pan we used my wheelchair pass to get on quicker because that line is always long! 
We went back to the hotel for lunch and so Ivy could open some gifts (=
 Ivy is VERY easy to shop for, she loves everything!!!  She is very appreciative and sweet which is a wonderful quality!!!!
 play makeup!!!
 bubble bath!

 marshmallow Olaf
When we got back to the hotel I did Ivy's hair and some fun princess sparkle makeup!!! Her little cousin Lucy said Ivy could borrow her Elsa dress.  She has been looking forward to it!!!
  The last present was exciting for Ivy because it had been sitting above our fireplace since before Christmas. 
what could it be.....
pure excitement!
her very own ELSA DRESS!!!!!
can you tell she loves it!
I had planned on doing Lucy's hair too and bought 2 tiny tiaras for the girls to wear but it didn't work out.  It was still super fun and she definitely felt like a princess!
We sure do love this sweet sweet SEVEN year old!  She is SOOO helpful with Jet and I know she'll love being a second time big sis!!!
OH!  Ivy also got a VEEEERY special gift from my parents! annual pass to Disneyland!  Talk about fun!  Shes already been back once (;  2 weekends in the same month!  Lucky girl! 

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