Monday, January 26, 2015


Last weekend David had a Primerica seminar in St. George, we found out very last minute but wanted to go and hoped it could double as our getaway alone before baby comes, our babymoon!  Ivy was already going to be with my parents so we asked our friends if they could watch Jet.  They are AMAZING!  They said yes even though it was like a day notice! 
We left after my doc appointment (38 weeks haha) around 4pm.  When we arrived the first portion was about to start so we didn't get a hotel right done around 10 and headed to Wal Mart because we FORGOT our luggage! :/ We were supposed to wear red the next day and had nothing to eat either so a pit stop was very necessary!  We always spend waaaay longer shopping then we plan!  We were exhausted, called a few places to check rates, we wanted to go cheap lol.  We drove to a random place and said it was good enough, had a breakfast included so sounded good.....
It was the worst thing I had ever seen as far as motels go...
 bars on the the photo above I was trying to show the dirty ceiling with cracks in it!
the bed.....Worst mattress ever!  EVER!  First thing I did was check for bugs!
 I barely slept!  David felt SO bad....he went out and got his jacket & sweat pants so we could have something to use as pillows...because this is what we had for pillows....
 Porb the flattest "pillow" I have ever seen!
 David's a good sport, what could we do but laugh!?
 Are we in prison?
 I'm sure they used to be college apartments or something....bad! 
Luckily we made it out to tell about...and luckily the breakfast was at the motel next door!  Looked MUCH cleaner! 

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