Monday, February 9, 2015

Waiting for baby.....

come out!
 everything ready to go!
 running out of space (=
tried to have myself together so I wouldn't go in looking like a wreck haha
 Jan. 21 (birthdate of my sweet cousin, baby Sadie) I went in to be monitored, I haven't felt movement in 2 days! :/ So thankful he is ok! 
 sista kept me company. (= baby was positioned against my back (UGH!) so we took turns pressing down on the monitor so we could get a good reading and LEAVE!  Once I knew he was ok I was sooo happy and ready to go see baby Sadie....just doors down from where I was!  I had to lay there for 2 1/2 hours. 

 I said something about how I always pictured the monitors beings uncompfy but the straps were actually pretty soft.  The nurse said wait until you've been in labor for HOURS!  eh, whatever I have short labors and Ill have an epidural this time. (little did I know....)
I VERY impatiently awaited bay Marsh!  I went through the same thing with Jet who was a week late!  Ivy came almost 2 weeks early so I was waiting on Jet since Halloween time...haha he wasn't born until the day before Thanksgiving!  I was so uncomfortable and got pretty depressed and didn't wan to be like that this time around....but you get to the 40ish week mark and man....theres only ONE thing on your mind!   You hear people remarks and want to punch them....I know they mean well (=
"Have you had that baby yet?"
  "When is that baby coming?"
  "Oh he's just so cozy in there!"
These are phases I HATE HATE HATE ! hahaha
I know I'm a bitter lady! There is pretty much nothing you could say to me at that point (any point around or after my due date)

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