Monday, January 26, 2015


Last weekend David had a Primerica seminar in St. George, we found out very last minute but wanted to go and hoped it could double as our getaway alone before baby comes, our babymoon!  Ivy was already going to be with my parents so we asked our friends if they could watch Jet.  They are AMAZING!  They said yes even though it was like a day notice! 
We left after my doc appointment (38 weeks haha) around 4pm.  When we arrived the first portion was about to start so we didn't get a hotel right done around 10 and headed to Wal Mart because we FORGOT our luggage! :/ We were supposed to wear red the next day and had nothing to eat either so a pit stop was very necessary!  We always spend waaaay longer shopping then we plan!  We were exhausted, called a few places to check rates, we wanted to go cheap lol.  We drove to a random place and said it was good enough, had a breakfast included so sounded good.....
It was the worst thing I had ever seen as far as motels go...
 bars on the the photo above I was trying to show the dirty ceiling with cracks in it!
the bed.....Worst mattress ever!  EVER!  First thing I did was check for bugs!
 I barely slept!  David felt SO bad....he went out and got his jacket & sweat pants so we could have something to use as pillows...because this is what we had for pillows....
 Porb the flattest "pillow" I have ever seen!
 David's a good sport, what could we do but laugh!?
 Are we in prison?
 I'm sure they used to be college apartments or something....bad! 
Luckily we made it out to tell about...and luckily the breakfast was at the motel next door!  Looked MUCH cleaner! 

A very special birthday!

Ms. Ivy had a very special birthday celebration this year!  What better place to be then DISNEYLAND!  We spent most of the day with just our little family and met up with everyone else that evening.  In the morning we did the little kid rides behind the castle, luckily when we got there is wasn't too busy and for Peter Pan we used my wheelchair pass to get on quicker because that line is always long! 
We went back to the hotel for lunch and so Ivy could open some gifts (=
 Ivy is VERY easy to shop for, she loves everything!!!  She is very appreciative and sweet which is a wonderful quality!!!!
 play makeup!!!
 bubble bath!

 marshmallow Olaf
When we got back to the hotel I did Ivy's hair and some fun princess sparkle makeup!!! Her little cousin Lucy said Ivy could borrow her Elsa dress.  She has been looking forward to it!!!
  The last present was exciting for Ivy because it had been sitting above our fireplace since before Christmas. 
what could it be.....
pure excitement!
her very own ELSA DRESS!!!!!
can you tell she loves it!
I had planned on doing Lucy's hair too and bought 2 tiny tiaras for the girls to wear but it didn't work out.  It was still super fun and she definitely felt like a princess!
We sure do love this sweet sweet SEVEN year old!  She is SOOO helpful with Jet and I know she'll love being a second time big sis!!!
OH!  Ivy also got a VEEEERY special gift from my parents! annual pass to Disneyland!  Talk about fun!  Shes already been back once (;  2 weekends in the same month!  Lucky girl! 

Tuesday, January 13, 2015


New years eve day was very very busy!  We were preparing for our Waldron family Disneyland trip!!!!  I didn't even try staying awake until midnight!  We did do a toast before some of us headed to bed (=

Notice some MICKEY NAILS???
Most of us squeezed some sleep I and when 3:45am came around we were ready to go!!!!!!!!!!!
We arrived in Anaheim and wasted no time....parked at the hotel and headed straight to Disneyland!!!  Waldron style!  (=
 So much to take I!!!  First timer (=
 Uncle Alan is excited!!!
 I had a wheelchair lol I knew id be uncomfortable.....did not plan on using it the entire trip...:/  Poor David!  He was so sweet to push me around the whole time!  My darn back :/
 Amazing things to see, hear and smell!!!
 My dad and David were shoe twins!!!
 Here come the Waldron's!
Main street!

 Not long after we arrived to the park David got a call that our car was broke down I Mesquite with our backup drivers!  /=  When went  back to the hotel to check in David was going to have to leave ad go all the way back to Vegas....)= Luckily literally last second we found someone I Vegas to help cover the  next days route!  thank GOODESS!
 Grandpa Rocks! 
 didnt even get through half haha

Tiki room! His FAV!
 Ivy hitched a ride with me whenever she could (=
 Ice cream and fireworks!!!

 SNOOOOOOW!!!!!  Love this pic!

 Amazed by fireworks!
Ezra loving the snow!  Smelled like ginger bread!
Day 1 complete!!!
Breakfast.  Day 2!!!!
The second day was extra special.....Ivy's 7th BIRTHDAY!!!!!
 My mom called and said she had a magic chariot for me.......A SCOOTER!!!  I wasn't going to get one because were too pricey!

 Our birthday girl!!!!
 He saw Olaf!!!

 Handsome boys!
 7!  WOW

 Pinocchio ride! 

 Waiting for Mary Poppins

 Daddy + Ivy!!!

Such a happy guy!.....prob because got to cut because of my wheelchair!

 I got Belle too!

 1st visit

 At lunch time we went back to the hotel and Ivy opened her birthday gifts!  We did a little Elsa transformation ad back to the park we went!!!
 Ivy made friends with the ice lady to the right (= It was adorable!!!
 It got COOOLD!

 Ice Queen

My baby is 7!  Happy birthday doll!!
Day 3 I MADE David get up early!  He fought it but he was happy he went early and got o some rides that are normally packed!!!  I stayed ad cleaned up the room ad slowly got ready.  This was the day ALL of us were there!  Some had work one or two the first days.

 Small world!!!

Finally!  I shot of ALL of us at the DL!
 We were so busy!  We had to sig to Ivy when everyone was all we got a chance o the 3rd day (1 day after her birthday) but she was totally ok with that!!!  My parents got her a season pass!!!!  SOOOO SWEET!

 This was the slowest we've ever sung the happy birthday song haha SO sleepy!  We had a couple sleepers but at least we were all together!!!
We saw some famous people!!!!!