Friday, February 6, 2009

self tag i stole from kelly (=

Seven things I was doing 10 years ago...

1. going into young womans
2. playing with our many animals
3. probably in gymnastics
4. annoying people ( as most 12 year olds do)
6. becoming a big sister...AGAIN!!! (=
7. enjoying being a kid

Seven things on my to-do list...

1. find birth certs
2. cut missys hair
3. exercise :/ HA....hopefully
4. organize new room
5. help ivy hand out her valentines
6. get jax's shots
7. make ivy's doctors app

!Seven places I have lived...

1. TX
2. logindale
3. Provo, UT
4. Henderson, NV
5. Las Vegas, NV
6. gardnerville
7. purrrrrump EWW!

Seven things I would do if I were a millionaire...

1. pay off school
2. get a pretty car
3. laugh at a deadbeat father...i mean.....
4. give to people in need
5. travel
6. buy cool things for my family
7. try not to spend it all

Seven snacks I enjoy...

1. hummus and crackers
2. berries
3. fruit
4. candy
5. cinnamon rolls
6. breakfast cereals
7. snapped peas

Seven things I can do...

1. hair
2. sing
3. shop....
4. crafty stuff
6. spin random things while dancing aka colorguard but i was too embarrased to say it :/
7. walk on stilts

Seven things I can't do...

1. write neatly, i have "gangster handwriting"
2. sleep all thriugh the night w/o getting up to pee
3. be away from ivy for long periods of time (2 hours haha)
4. run
5. go without food for over 2 hours
6. stop dying my hair
7. sleep without ivy near me

Seven things that attracted me to my husband...

1. i'll
2. let
3. you
4. know
5. after
6. I'm
7. married

Seven Favorite Foods...

1. cream cheese ragoons from panda express
2. toffee
3. potatos
4. dark chocolate
5. fruits
6. veggies
7. breads

Seven things I say most...

1. probly yeah (which kinda bugs me)
3. ivy put those rocks down! (we have rock fountain in our house)
4. butt...i mean botton (trying to clean up the talk so ivy wont say words like butt, fart, crap etc.
5. dont touch
6. freak that
7. mama loves you...& i love your kisses

Seven things I hate...

1. these words: beastie, oldies (when they are talking about pictures which usually arent that old anyway) "seen" instead of "saw" and when people mispronunce thanks...
2. fish...except tuna!!!
3. fighting
4. open windows at night
5. judgemental people
6. hamburgers
7. needles


Jen said...

I loved reading your post. Only one thing I am confused do you people mispronounce thanks?

Ashley and Ivy said...

thanks the "utah" way...its hard to try and type it. they dont say the T-H part right. kinda like they say the-anks...follow me?