Saturday, February 14, 2009

valentines day!!!....PLAN C

Last Saturday my buddy Steve asked me if I had been to the Top of the World at the Stratosphere. I said no so he asked if I'd go with him on Saturday (today).

A while later he told me they were booked that night....which I guess we should have figured, being that it was Valentines day (= so he booked a reservation at André's in Monte Carlo.

About an hour before he came to pick me up Ivy started getting fussy...but not a normal fussiness...she wasn't feeling good and would not let me put her down. I told Steve I thought she might be getting sick and I didn't know what to do, I really didn't want to leave her knowing she'd cry until either she fell asleep or I got home

So he called and had to cancel, they couldn't make an exception for a child under 5 to go because of the day, which males perfect sense.

)= I felt really bad...but he was sweet about it, he said it dint matter where we went he was happy to be with the most beautiful ladies there.

We decided plan C was Olive Garden. So we got there and the wait was 1 hour to 1 1/2 hours...fabulous haha so we stood in that crowded waiting area for over an hour (= it wasnt bad, we just chatted and this cute little boy was baby flirting with Ivy most of the time (=

After dinner we drove to......the top of a hill and sat and looked at the city, it was a very pretty sight, and the temple was not too far to the right of us.

After a minute or two he got out of the car and opened my door....

BRRRRR it was freezing!

Than he asked me to dance
(he had a v-day/love song playlist playing all night).

I had a fun time!!! I tried not to show that I was FREEZING! But I was

shaking so it was kinda hard (=

Thank you for such a fun night....and I'm sorry again!


Aaron and Chels Allred said...

uh it sounds like this boy is TOTALLY sweet on you!

annieandjustin said...

He sounds way sweet! I hope Ivy is doing better. my whole family in vegas has been sick for two weeks so i hope she is not getting what they have!

Ashley and Ivy said...

shes doing much better now (=

theres nothing least not from me, just buddies (=