Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Ciao Elder Yi

The two first pictures are from when I first cut Chris' hair. This was right after I chopped it, I cut it shorter after Please ignore the guy in the back, I was mad he messed up my picture.

It was SOOOOO long!

Here is Bren about to cut it "missionary style" a couple nights before he left

Mom saying her goodbyes, the rest of us went to Fudrucker's for dinner before he went to the church.

It hard to read but the post it says. "Remember Elder Yi (in bold letters) Soro, Williams, Carlson, Webster, Sis Leavitt...ect.

I don't know if he was sick or just being Chris. Notice the ribbon Brennan got him, "I can dress myself." And there is a penguin on it, I guess he loves penguins.

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