Monday, March 2, 2009


My friends always joke about all the silly things I am afraid of. It really is nuts when I write it all out like this....

These are things that cross my mind multiple times a DAY!

1. thinking someone is under my car
2. windows at night ( you can see in but not out)
3. I'm constantly checking on Ivy while shes sleeping, checking her yummy and under her noise to she if shes breathing. Actually I check anyone around me at night when I cant sleep if I cant hear them breathing.
4. walking down the stairs, mostly at night...I always thin someone is going to be up there & they'll try to shoot me or something! :/
5. getting in and out of my car at heart goes nuts & I run!
6. when I dont have the TV on at night I get terrified!
7. being lined up next to a car at a stop light....I wont have Ivy's window lined up with another cars window...
8. scary commercials...I freak out!

Its late...I know there are more...these things really control my life! Its nuts!


annieandjustin said...

We are so alike Ashley. Probably more than half that list can be on mine. When Justin has to go out of town I can't sleep. I usually watch tv all night or turn the lights on to sleep. I hate it i am so paranoid all the time. I am always checking my back.

Ashley and Ivy said...

good i'm glad i'm not totally nuts! (=