Monday, March 2, 2009

a look back...high school AHH!

9th grade

school: Sierra Vista
best buds: Crystal Sanders, Meagan Connor, Colorguard girls

crush: Brett Runion & Erik Fish (I think I have the names right)

clubs and activities: girls glee choir& colorguard

10th grade

school: Durango

best buds:
Jennifer Stewart, Brennan Waldron,
Tunner Williams, Brian Hale etc....

crush: Brian Hale...hahaha

clubs and activities: concert choir& colorguard

11th grade

school: Durango

best buddies: Jen, Bren, Jami B, Britni T,
Ericka Burt, Quinn Lindi, Christina Deppler...

clubs and activities: Colorguard captian,
Concert choir, Madrigals
crush: Brian Hale (part of the year)
and Cody Kettner lol

Sadie's, Jared Engleheart

12th grade

school: Durango

clubs and activities: Concert
choir, Madrigals (I was madrigal queen at the madrigal dinner that year with Cody Stover as king). I also got the solo part with Angeli for our end of the year song tradition.

dances: Homecoming, William Carlson. Sadies, Zack Hollis. Prom, Daniel Douglas (prom was on my
18th birthday
and thats when I got my 1st kiss, very fun day!!!)

best buddies: Christina Deppler,
Benjamin Webster, Crystal Straight,
Monica Warren, Bren& Jen of course,
Dan Douglas, Alex Bravo, Wes Bradley,
Jami B, Will....


Tara said...

Thats fun to look bakc like that =) .. I would try it but im pretty boring, no extracarricular., and all my dances are only with 2 or 3 guys being I always had a boyfriend.. no one should do that =)haha

Jen said...

awwww man good times ash!!!!

haha my word verification is mold