Saturday, March 28, 2009


(picture taken at another nursery visit when Grandma was teaching)

Ivy is almost 15 months so she'll be going to nursery VERY soon...thats so weird to think! I used to bring Ivy in when my mom was a teacher there but Ivy was younger and I had to be right next to her 100% of the time. On Sunday I tool her in to see what she'd do. I thought she would want me to be near her but I swear she hardly even noticed I was there. Turns out she is NOT good at sharing yet....but all in all, she did well. At snack time she stood in line to wash (sanitize) her hands like all the other kids, and sat like a big girl (= shes deffinatley ready...I just don;t know if I can. I don't think I can sit though classes anymore I get so antsy....I have a few motnhs to work on it I guess (=

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