Thursday, March 26, 2009


Cafe Rio had their costumer appreciation day last week and they gave away free entrees and if you've been there you know how big their serving was great!!!

The lines was kind of long but they had so many people working that it went buy very fast!

I am not a huge fan of the food so I took mine home to my dad.

They also had a little self serve area with all kinds of things to try, I enjoyed the sweet shreaded pork.

Ivy got a kids quesadilla

Brennan works at Einstein Bagels and gets free bagels at the end of the day!!!!
Sometimes she brings home over 100 bagels!!! We have become pretty creative in how we use them (=

A couple months ago they had FREE grand slams at Denny's. The wait was well worth it, Ivy got her own too!!! (= And recently IHOP had free pancakes!!!!


Tara said...

Leshal went too =( YUMMY!! Ok.. I bought the yellow outfit Ivy's wearing for my baby.. Its just too cute to pass up =) .. Atleast it looks like the same thing!!

annieandjustin said...

Man I love free food! Cafe Rio is one of my favorites. Have you had their salads with the spicy ranch dressing? SOOOO good! Even though its breakfast time I could go for one right now.

Doula Dot said...

oh yeah i have it in few couple different colors!!! lol its cute!!!

yeah i cant handle the spice...haha but the sweet prok burrito was bumb dig-a-ty!

Doula Dot said...

OOPS!!! that was me ASHLEY!!! not Doila Dot (my mom) hahha