Thursday, March 19, 2009

west side stroy.....

On St. Patrick's day Brennan, Aaron & I decided we were going to audition for the musical West Side Story that night....kinda of last minute. :/ So Aaron & I went to see Mr. Isbell my former high school choir director, he let us borrow a couple Broadway music books. Then I had to hurry home because Ivy had an appointment to get her Easter pictures taken. When you see the pictures you'll probably be able to tell I was in a big hurry, her hair was so messy...oh well. Anyway so I went to pick up Brennan and take her to our friend Meagan's house to get music for her. Finally we got home & had very little time to make resumes, get headshots and learn our music....WHAT WHERE WE THINKING?

When we got to the audition we filled out some paper work and waited around a while...we started out with the dance portion of the audition. It was SO crowded they had tp break the group in half and teach one group at a time...which didnt help much because I was still running into the directors table the whole time lol. They tought us a dance from the orignal chorograhpy....which is FAST!!!! Then we auditioned in groups of 4...I can dance but I am a slow learner so it was messy...I did horrible at the dance haha.

Then came the vocal part, we had a while to practice outside after the dancing. I was singing I could have danced all night from My Fair Lady. When I went outside I heard this other girl singing MY SONG! Be-och! haha so I chaged my mind and sang a different part of the song Brennan was singing, On my own from Les Miserables.(we only had about 12 measures we had to song). So we went this point we hardly cared about how we were going to was almost 10:00pm and we got there at 6:45pm! blah! We had to sit and listen to everyone sing before us...we were numbers 80, 81 & 82(me). There were some REALLY good singers and some "American Idol" she bang type people :/ I didnt want to impress the dance guy, he was SOOO cute and I needed to make up for my horrible mess I did on the dance floor. Aron was 1st and he did well...but forgot the words haha, then Brennan, she did well....then me....I cracked in the first measure! EWW! and I barely got to sing before they cut me off (which they did to everyone...but I didnt even get into the good parts at all).......on the way home we decided to erase those last few hours from our minds and decided that next time we need to prepare a little more and not decide to auditon for something the same day of the audition....The End

-oh and in case you didnt figure it out...we didnt make it hahaha (=


Amy said...

You guys are hilarious! Sometimes I would like to do some musical theater but I just don't know how I would do it with 3 kids!

Randi said...

sounds like you guys had fun!!

And seriously don't worry about getting Lucy anything!! Shes got so much as it it! just come for the fun!!!