Wednesday, March 11, 2009

so i never forget...

I always mean to write down all the cute things Ivy does and all her words and signs she knows.

mama, mom, umpa (grandpa), umma (grandma), Oora (Ezra), E-ya (see ya), bye bye, up, DAY-DO! (thank you), hi, dog, bom-ba (blanket).

more (signs and say "MO"), please...those are her main ones that she uses lately she knows a lot though.

Favorite toys:
grandma's church shoes, purses (she put one shoe on, holds a cell phone to her ear and a purse over her should and say "bye bye"). she still lone water bottles. combs.

she is SO picky lately, probably because people gives her bites of random foods so she wont eat her sweet potatoes or green beans after shes tastes something better tasting. a couple weeks ago i went to Chucky Cheese and got the salad bar so i could give her some healthy snacks....i walk aat for 10 seconds and come back to see my friends friend giving Ivy SODA! I was pissed to say the least but I kept my cool....this was her reply. "but it's diet." O MY GOSH, thats even worst with all the fack sweatners and stuff! And, yes I am very picky about what she eats, at least now thats she is so young and usually cant really tell the difference.

Ivy loves to copy everything I do, the other night after Brittany put sponge curlers in her hair (1st time!!!) Ivy went back and forth from Aaron to Alan combing their hair and talking a lot just like I do when i'm doing hair. (= She even put her hand on his head so he wouldn't move HAHA

Ivy LOVES chocolate....I have never given it to her but she got into her Hershey's kissing after Valentines day and since them shes been hooked! I still don't let her have it though.

She is so fun to watch, she surprsies me everyday with things she does and wors she'll try to reapeat. We were on our way to Wal-Mart with "Oora" and Aunt Brittany and Ivy was crying so I saod, "Ivy, don't you want to go shoppin at Wal-Mrat?" and she said, "Wa-Ma," which sounded just like Wal-Mart hahaha.

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Amy said...

It really is fun to document what they know so that you don't forget!