Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Blogger app!....why didn't I get this sooner?

Its been too long since I've blogged!  This app makes it a breeze (:

Now lets see.....whats new with us???

I am currently looking for a job, I had an interview at Bettie Page yesterday so fingers crossed I get it!  And I'm working the bathrooms still....but only fri & sat.  So if you have any job leads...this girl needs the info!

Ivy is 4 now!  Golly, wasn't she just a tiny baby five mins ago?  At the same time, I can hardly remember my life before her. (: Shes so sweet!!!  She loooooves being a sunbeam at church (:  Its so cute to see her sitting in the primary room like a big girl.  Shes always taking about her teachers, she likes to draw pictures for them (: 

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