Friday, November 2, 2012

New (since april) JOB!!!!!!

Due to my low blood sugar crap I lost my job as a restroom attendant which I had been doing for almost 3 years!  I was VERY sad!  I really liked my job!  I am most deffinately NOT a morning person!  The extremely late night thing was getting to me though....obviously!...I kept passing out!  HAHA. 
I was soooo upset when the club owners told my boss not to have me back, I was a liability problem.  I understand though, the lack of sleep, energy drinks and late nights (and having to wake up early or not sleep consectutive hours) were making me sick :/
I was looking through Craigslist one day (no big deal, I had been on there almost EVERYDAY since I lost my job) and came across an add for a wedding chapel!  FUUUN!  The attending job had deffinately helped me be a major people person!  So I applied!  Got a call very soon after and interveiwed the next morning.  I knew I had got it!  She called me a couple of hours later and asked me to come in the next day!!!
Pic of Connor my chapel boyfriend!!!

 Costume bouquet I made
 I redecorated the swing!  And made the sigh with a wood burner (=
 Driving the LIMO!!!

 Jen and I
Since April a lot has happened.  I was hired as the chaple host, I run the weddings..meaning, set out asle runners, light candles, decorate unity candles, give out flowers, set up bridal party open door for party and bride ect.  A couple months in I was put over all receptions and then became part-time limo driver!  I have done some floral work and photo work as well!!!
Here are some photos I did!!! (=

 I made the flowers!

My new job title is the "Jack (Jill) of all Trades." I'm having so much fun! I am close with all whole staff, we hang out very often!!! I am truley blessed! And I will most likey (fingers crossed) be working some bathrooms/coat checks here and there still (= YAY!

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