Thursday, November 29, 2012


 November is the month of birthdays!  We have my cousin Josh on the 1st, Mom on the 8th, sister Bethany on the 12th, my Uncle Damon and my Grandma Dorothy on the 13th and my sister Brittany on the 14th. 

We got my mom some makeup for for birthday, but I guess I didnt get any pictures...I only got pics of the cupcake we got her (= she can't eat wheat so we just got something small.  It was a chocolate peanut butter cupcake from the Cupcakery yum!  Ivy and I had to get something too while we were there of course!  We had a pink coconut cupcake, it was ammmmazing!

 Bethany had a party but halfway through I had to go because my friend had tickets to the new Cirque show!!!  first we went to grab dinner, I did hair and makeup for a billaboard for a Vietnamese restaurant over a year ago and had never been back to eat there!  When we got there I saw this......

Its a check from a food eating contest and the hand writing is mine! (= haha I did hair and makeup for the girl who won this and while I was waiting for her the show up the little cute Asian lady put me to work (= haha Well this was over a year ago and she remembered me!  She remembered what I liked to drink too!  And she knows my parents kind of so first thing she asked was how is Dr. Todd?  What a memory! 
Anyway I had been missing out!  The food was beyond good!  I mean GOOD!  One of my new favs!  
Pho 87!

The show was really cool, a lot like Mystere. (sp?)
Heres Beth and I at her party!!! (=
The day (or 2) after Beth's birthday Brennan got us tickets to see the new Twilight BEFORE ANYONE ELSE....SUCKAS!  haha yeah, 2 days before it came out!  It was cool, Bren had to work though )=  neither of us were HUGE Twlight fans, Bethany used to be but we still felt cool and we actually LOVEd to movie....prob the best one.  Plus the lady who checked my bag let me keep my goodies!  We brought Reese and a whole bag of Trader Joes movie theater popcorn!  haha

Brit went out of town for her birthday....I still owe her her present!..We had her kiddies over for a couple nights!!! It was fun! I hope she had an awesome time!  

Here are a couple randoms....Ivy made me this AWESOME lunch!  I was curling my hair and saying how I had better hurry or I'd be late, Ivy in a very concerned voice asked about my lunch....I hadn't made anything I told her, I'll get something later...she ran downstairs and when I came down she handed me this...

an avocado (my fav!) some chex cereal and hot chocolate!  The perfect lunch!  She is SUUUCH a sweet girl! 

As most of you know Hostess went out of business, which is awesome! haha but in memory I bought these (the last pack they had) and brought them to work.  It tasted TERRIBLE!  I forgot how nasty they were, like plastic! eww
Hope ya'll had a fab November!

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