Thursday, November 29, 2012


 November is the month of birthdays!  We have my cousin Josh on the 1st, Mom on the 8th, sister Bethany on the 12th, my Uncle Damon and my Grandma Dorothy on the 13th and my sister Brittany on the 14th. 

We got my mom some makeup for for birthday, but I guess I didnt get any pictures...I only got pics of the cupcake we got her (= she can't eat wheat so we just got something small.  It was a chocolate peanut butter cupcake from the Cupcakery yum!  Ivy and I had to get something too while we were there of course!  We had a pink coconut cupcake, it was ammmmazing!

 Bethany had a party but halfway through I had to go because my friend had tickets to the new Cirque show!!!  first we went to grab dinner, I did hair and makeup for a billaboard for a Vietnamese restaurant over a year ago and had never been back to eat there!  When we got there I saw this......

Its a check from a food eating contest and the hand writing is mine! (= haha I did hair and makeup for the girl who won this and while I was waiting for her the show up the little cute Asian lady put me to work (= haha Well this was over a year ago and she remembered me!  She remembered what I liked to drink too!  And she knows my parents kind of so first thing she asked was how is Dr. Todd?  What a memory! 
Anyway I had been missing out!  The food was beyond good!  I mean GOOD!  One of my new favs!  
Pho 87!

The show was really cool, a lot like Mystere. (sp?)
Heres Beth and I at her party!!! (=
The day (or 2) after Beth's birthday Brennan got us tickets to see the new Twilight BEFORE ANYONE ELSE....SUCKAS!  haha yeah, 2 days before it came out!  It was cool, Bren had to work though )=  neither of us were HUGE Twlight fans, Bethany used to be but we still felt cool and we actually LOVEd to movie....prob the best one.  Plus the lady who checked my bag let me keep my goodies!  We brought Reese and a whole bag of Trader Joes movie theater popcorn!  haha

Brit went out of town for her birthday....I still owe her her present!..We had her kiddies over for a couple nights!!! It was fun! I hope she had an awesome time!  

Here are a couple randoms....Ivy made me this AWESOME lunch!  I was curling my hair and saying how I had better hurry or I'd be late, Ivy in a very concerned voice asked about my lunch....I hadn't made anything I told her, I'll get something later...she ran downstairs and when I came down she handed me this...

an avocado (my fav!) some chex cereal and hot chocolate!  The perfect lunch!  She is SUUUCH a sweet girl! 

As most of you know Hostess went out of business, which is awesome! haha but in memory I bought these (the last pack they had) and brought them to work.  It tasted TERRIBLE!  I forgot how nasty they were, like plastic! eww
Hope ya'll had a fab November!

Monday, November 26, 2012


A couple of days ago Ivy woke me up saying, "Aunt Brittany's here!!!"  Not too uncommon because she lives super close.  I went downstairs and she said she was taking Ryan (her husband) to the quick care!...possibly his appendix :/ hours later while I was at work Brit texted me, it was the appendix and he'd be going in for surgery in a couple hours. )= poor Ryan!  I remember what Bethany went through a few months ago, it was horrible.  I took some pictures for Brittany and Ryan last night I know how hard it is to be away for your kids for days )= 
My dad took Ezra to the hospital last night so that is why hes not in these pictures.


 We had a pretty awesome Thanksgiving day!  We started the day EARLY!....for me anyway.  The whole fam (minus Bren) went down the the church and ran the "Turkey Trot,"  most of them did the 5k.  Everyone except for me, I took a nice refreshing walk (=

Here comes Dad and Grandma!!!!

 Brit and Ezra after they finished!

 My girl finishing!

 All of us including the turkey!!!  My brother Aaron won the 5k!!!  And Ezra and Ivy ran almost the WHOLE thing!

Then it was time to go home and prepare for our food eating marathon!  My mom had been cooking DAYS before and working her buns off!  I was over the salad....haha....but I helped with other things.  Aaron insisted on sausage casserole which is our Christmas tradition but why not have it twice?  (=  My mom taught him how to make it and it turned out AMAZING! 

After what felt like forever my Granddad, Aunt, and my co-worker friend Tony came and it was time to eat!  Everything was bomb!  

here is my dad carving the HUUUUGHE and I mean huge over 25 pound turkey! 

 Oh I forgot...before we ate I was over the craft which were hand turkeys!!!  I think everyone enjoyed making them.
 I had activities for Ivy but ALL she wanted to do was jump on the tramp with Tony!.....

I think my other siblings enjoyed the craftys!  haha

Here are my handsome brothers!!!  Alan and Andy 13, Aaron 22.
 And here is a picture of me and my sisters!
 After the festivities it was.......SHOPPING TIME!!!!  Black Friday! (=  Alan joined me at Target, we got there at 7:15ish and waited until 9pm for it to open, I was looking for a camera and something for Brittany.  Just minutes before nine I looked to my left and some lady (who was NOT there for 2 hours like we were) was standing right in front of me!  Oh H no!  The guy in front of me was like ?  where on earth did she come from?  She was a tiny sneaky lady but I was NOT going to let her get away with line cutting!  So I told on her!  haha I told security she cut.  After he made her go ALL the way to the back of the line...hehe...everyone started giggling, they thought it was hilarious that I tattled on her!  I ran into her again inside later but I don't think she knew it was me!  Thank heavens!  I did get my camera!!!  But couldn't find Brittany's stuff...then I went to a second Target and still couldn't find it....she later found it though!!!
Here is a pic of Alan and I on line!!!

 The day after Thanksgiving they put the tree up and I got this cute picture on my phone while I was at work (=

Saturday, November 3, 2012

some recent updos (=


Friday, November 2, 2012

Today I VOTED!

Ok it was my first time voting so my family was on me to do it!  Mostly my sister Brittany!  Lol so I DID!  And guess what?  It was almost totally pain free!  Hurrray! 

New (since april) JOB!!!!!!

Due to my low blood sugar crap I lost my job as a restroom attendant which I had been doing for almost 3 years!  I was VERY sad!  I really liked my job!  I am most deffinately NOT a morning person!  The extremely late night thing was getting to me though....obviously!...I kept passing out!  HAHA. 
I was soooo upset when the club owners told my boss not to have me back, I was a liability problem.  I understand though, the lack of sleep, energy drinks and late nights (and having to wake up early or not sleep consectutive hours) were making me sick :/
I was looking through Craigslist one day (no big deal, I had been on there almost EVERYDAY since I lost my job) and came across an add for a wedding chapel!  FUUUN!  The attending job had deffinately helped me be a major people person!  So I applied!  Got a call very soon after and interveiwed the next morning.  I knew I had got it!  She called me a couple of hours later and asked me to come in the next day!!!
Pic of Connor my chapel boyfriend!!!

 Costume bouquet I made
 I redecorated the swing!  And made the sigh with a wood burner (=
 Driving the LIMO!!!

 Jen and I
Since April a lot has happened.  I was hired as the chaple host, I run the weddings..meaning, set out asle runners, light candles, decorate unity candles, give out flowers, set up bridal party open door for party and bride ect.  A couple months in I was put over all receptions and then became part-time limo driver!  I have done some floral work and photo work as well!!!
Here are some photos I did!!! (=

 I made the flowers!

My new job title is the "Jack (Jill) of all Trades." I'm having so much fun! I am close with all whole staff, we hang out very often!!! I am truley blessed! And I will most likey (fingers crossed) be working some bathrooms/coat checks here and there still (= YAY!


Happy Halloween!!! 
I hope you all had a wonderful time!  I know we did!!!  Ivy and I planned our costumes VERY last minute, I'm really happy with how Ivy's turned out!  She was Cinderella!!!!  Below is a picture of her and part of the Trick or Treat crew!!!
 Brennan had an AWESOME costume! 
 Doesn't Ivy make a precious Cinderella? (=

 I was at work during the family party )=
 Looks like they had fun!
 Very last min.....sailer!!!
 Ivy ADORES Kylie!  I'm so happy we could spend the evening at my friend Carrie's home!
 HUGE Trick or Treat crew!!!!