Sunday, July 13, 2014

4th of july fun!!!

 We decided very last min to go out of town for the 4th, at first we were thinking Cali and the beach....but we realized it would be PACKED!  SO we decided to go up the mountain in Utah to Duck Creek!!!
 We took the fam and headed up first to secure a spot, the Miller's came later after work.  It took us FOREVER to find a spot!  ALL campsites were full! :/ We basically drove to the top of the mountain until we found something!  There were a couple of people near by but not cramped AT ALL!  You couldn't even see other people from where our camp was!  AWESOME!!!!  Minus the lack of pottys! haha
 We had NO clue it was going to rain!  Oops!  But it was fun!  The nights were cold and we forgot our pump for the mattress! Minus the rocks, noises ( I was terrified of bears! ) and having to pee, it was ok at night.  We will DEF do this again!  (=
 Oh, and Jet got a new best friend!!!  Jared!!!!

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