Sunday, July 13, 2014

The Marsh Family!!!

 Our dearest Ivy Girl!!!!  She is the sweetest thing!  And SUCH a firecracker!  I am always amazed at how smart and witty she is!  We LOOOVE her so So so much!!!!

The Boy!
We love this kid!  He is soooo cute! So funny!  And so dang smart!
Can't imagine life without this handsome man!

Mr. & Mrs.
I'll be the first to say that were weren't as prepared for these pics as we should have been!  David and jet need haircuts/hair styled....outfits not clean and ready to go....but we haven't had fam pics so we needed them done!
Love these 2!

 Ivy & Mommy!
 Mommy & Jet!!!
 Daddy & Jetty!!!
Ivy & Daddy!!!!
And a family shot!!! (=
I love my fam!

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