Monday, July 28, 2014

8 months old!

Wow!!!  Jet is 8 months old today!!! (7-27-2014!!!)

She is so so smart! Like talks all the time. So cute!!!

He says:

"Dada" (he knows when daddy comes home and gets sooooo excited!!!)
"Baba" (bottle)

He loves to:

-Wave hi (loves waving to himself in the mirror!!!)
-Sign "milk"
-Holding on to things and walking, he I starting to let go!
-Squats (up down game)
-Arms up & down game. He puts his arms up and I say, "uuuup!" Then quickly put them down and I say, "down!" And he giggles!!! Does this with his squats too!!!
-Now as of very recently throws fits and waves his arms like crazy! Haha
-Climbs! I swear last night he was going to climb out of his pack and play!

Tooth #8 is almost here! We can see it
Today has been great!  My brother Aaron came into town last minute!!!  We hadn't seen him since Christmas break!  So we spent the day at my parents hanging out and celebrating Aarons birthday which is tomorrow!!!

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