Monday, September 22, 2014

Boy or Girl!?!?!?!

We decided to do a gender reveal piñata!  David and I went to the ultrasound place in the morning and requested they write it down and out it in an envelope.  It was VERY tempting not to peak, especially because the girl didn't seal it! GRR!

Later that day my parents took the piñata to fill it, the whole day was suuuuper rushed!  We literally did the piñata and I left for a big hair app.  Still fun though!

I let the kids all hit, but wanted David to break the piñata so the candy would go flying for my pics. (=  I had a feeling........AND I WAS RIIIIIIIGHT!

Oh boy!  We are thrilled to be welcoming another little boy in January!
He and Jet will be about 14 months apart!
He is already ADORABLE!


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kyland ericka allyson ruby stella ❤ said...

That is perfect he's a boy because he at jet will be so close in age!