Monday, September 22, 2014

Pine Valley

A little piece of heaven!  This place is one of my new favs!  Its close, pretty and I saw very little wild life.....compared to most camping places!  David ended up having a VERY LOOOONG week of work due to some major flooding so he didn't come with us but I am glad he got to relax on his weekend!!! 

Sorry, not in order!

Heres part of the gang relaxing and playing games at the camp!!!
 Lots of fun walks!  I think Jet enjoyed this one the most!  Fresh apples and a pretty girl!!
 Heres some of the torn up highway!  And the reason why David couldn't come ):  He had to spend one night in Mesquite and the hotel had NO POWER!  CRAZY!
 Dad & Uncle Rand....can you tell they are bros? (;
 Walks by the lake
 Jet had fun when he got to roam around on his own eating (chewing on) pines comes and dirt!
 Loving the dirt!

 I was shocked at how long he sat here suuuuuper relaxed and quite with Aunt Brit!  SO nice!
 Ivy girl!
 The boy!
 Super old church!  Made by a boat builder!  inside its basically an upside down boat!  No nails! 

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