Monday, September 22, 2014

Labor Day weekend

This year we went to AZ to visit some of David's family.  We had a really good time!  I am happy I could go and get to know them a little better!!!  Can't wait for future visits!

We tried to stay entertained on the drive up.  Ivy had a DVD player and some yummy treats!  Jet pretty much and fun watching and giggling with Ivy, and David and I talked a lot when when that got old.....a bubble blowing contest!  It started because I was trying to blow two bubbles with my gum, then we each added more gum and went crazy! 

I think its safe to say I was the champion!  HEHE!  He did get a few good ones!  My jaw hurt so bad after! 

Once we got there I was in major vacation mode and didn't have my phone on me and ended up being without it entire time!  I didn't even notice, it was awesome!  I do wish I had more pics though!  I borrowed few from David's sis!!!

These are all from the last day just before we left.  We had breakfast at David's sister's (Kylara) house and then went bowling!  Fun time!

Here is Jet with Uncle Nathan & Aunt Kylara!!! 
 Then add face looks weird...oh well :/
 David and I with Grandma Norma, Jet, Jace (David's cousin and Jet's new best friend!) and Nathan!
 Im SOOOO glad Kylara took pix!
 G-ma and Jet!

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