Thursday, November 13, 2014

An early Christmas gift for David!

I got ahold of some WICKED tickets for a good deal and HAD to get them!  David has wanted to see it for years!  He had NO idea what I was up to!  (=

The day before we went I told him I had a babysitter and we needed to go on a date!  I said I could only get someone for the afternoon and we could go anywhere we wanted......for $20! haha
Before we dropped the kids off I picked up some stuff from my sisters house and inside the bag of stuff was a note rolled up with a ribbon tied around it!... I told him to open it and read it out loud! 

"Twas the month before Christmas and in the Marsh house, there wasn't any water, not even a dowse. (water in our new place hadn't been switched to our name yet lol).....I cant remember the whole I will find it!  Talked about how David had been a good boy and Santa didn't know what to give him.....So he asked his friend, thr Grinch and he thinked and he thinked and he thinked, thinked, thinked....Then the Grinch had an idea, A WICKED idea!
"So the month before Christmas, although the elves were tired, they rushed it here fast before it expired!"
So we took the kids the my bro, showered (no water at our house remember lol)
and went to eat FAST and went to the show!  We both LOVED it of course!
Def in the nose bleed section for sure haha but it was great!

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