Thursday, November 13, 2014

Some love for Ivy & I

I must be emotional, I usually don't cry a lot....don't let me husband see this! lol being preggo doesn't count! haha David showed up with some gorgeous roses on Oct. 13th and tears welded up in my eyes!  (=  What a great and caring husband I have!  He always comes in with them behind his back, so sweet!!!  Ivy has iven him greif a few times for not getting her something.  On our 1 month dating anniversary he gave me a purse, a sign with a cute saying and wrote all over a poster board, I still have it!  AND he bought ivy a pink purse with stinky notes of adorable saying.  A few weeks before the flowers he bought me some yummy dark chocolate and for Ivy, popcorn kernels candy and popcorn flavorings so hes really gone out of his way to make her feel special!  This time after giving me my roses he pulled out a single lavender rose just for Ivy!  She was excited!!!!! 

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