Wednesday, June 25, 2014

David's FIRST Disneyland experience!!!!

It is CRAZY that Davids never been to Disneyland!  Mostly because ive been who knows how many times!!!  I was sooo excited for this!  Even though it went from 2 maybe 3 days to 1....and even though I couldn't find a cute outfit for Bats day!  Also the day before we were leaving we got paid and it was WAAAAAY less then we thought!  But I was determined to go!  So the day of we took our van in to the car doc for a check up and I guess something was wrong and they advised us not to drive it :/ NOOOOO!  So we took Davids ancient little car in and it needs a little work so we waited.  We ended up packing that car FULL and our journey began....with No A/C! My bro Alan came along to watch our babies.  This was an adult Disney trip haha! 
But first!  Lets go to the beach!!!

Then Downtown Disney!!!
 Lego store!
 trying to escape! to DL!!!
(Next morning...)
not in order....
 I had a penny for myself, my Mom, Jet & Ivy! 

 Went back for kisses!!!


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