Wednesday, June 25, 2014

More Marsh's? WHAAAAAT!

Yes.  Another Marsh is in the making! Actually David's bro will be a new Daddy at the end of the year & David's Dad is becoming a Father again next MONTH!  Crazy! Tiny Marshmallows everywhere!  Everyone keeps asking,"was it planned?" Well my dears....1st of all you should really watch what you say and how you come across haha.With that said, "NO!" I answer!  I took 1 day to wallow and feel sorry for myself....I wanted to loose weigh first,  I wanted Jet to be the baby longer.....I'm getting over myself!  Mysis and I are 15 months apart and I LOVE it! I never felt like I didn't get attention, I demanded it though haha
So i'm maybe 8ish weeks now.  Not sure lol.  I threw up 2 days ago for the first time :/ EWW! Baby Marsh 3 should be here in Jan or Feb 2015!!!
My Facebook announcement wasn't enough im people are SLOOOOWLY catching on!



kyland ericka allyson ruby stella ❤ said...

I love that my girls are all so close! And I hate when people ask "was it planned?" Uh none of your business! & I loved your annoucement!

Ashley and Ivy said...

thanks Ericka! I know what you mean! the most random people ask if this baby was planned! rude!(= brennan and I are 15 months apart! LOVED it!