Thursday, June 5, 2014

Easter/Quiny's 1st birthday!!!/CC Fair!!

I didn't take the time to organize so they aren't in order but here are some fun photos of our Spring events!!!  We had a great Easter, little Quin turned ONE! and our tradition....Clark County FAIR!!!

 These are after Easter for family night our Aunt Lisa gave us some special eggs with a story telling about Jesus!!!  We sat outside of our apartment on the grass while Ivy hunted eggs and Daddy told the story.

 Fair photos with JET!!!

 random good hair day haha

 Easter morning!!!


 Ivy got a beta fish & FROZEN!!!  I promised her a fish when we gave our doggies away )=  She named her fish Christolf
 Quin's CAKE!

 love this photo!

 As we were getting gas and headed out of town for the fair my sister texted me saying expect to wait at least 2 hours in traffic due to the Bundy protest.  WHAT!  normally it takes 45 mins to drive to Longandale!  Luckily just as we hit the major traffic my Uncle called telling us another route!  Saved a lot of time but we ended up getting there much later then planned!  We decided to contact my Granddad and ask if we could stay with him in Mesquite, he said yes (=
We treated us to dinner the next morning and we had a great time!  In the photos below he is giving Ivy a mini art lesson!!!  David enjoyed his life stories and asked LOTS of questions!  Great morning!!!

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