Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Ivy's Kinder Graduation!

 Due to mold in our condo we were forced to move within 2 days!  This was back in Feb.  Since there was only a few weeks left of school I would drive Ivy to her old school everyday but after a while it became too difficult and we had to switch.  Ivy being the social bug that she is took to the new school SOOO well!  She liked that since it was full day she got to have breakfast & lunch!!!  Shortly after she started there the school put on a performance to recognize the arts.  I got a few photos. (=  She looks so cute & tiny in there!

Below are some pics of Ivy's last day of school!!!  Her teacher was SOOO awesome!!! She loved Ivy!She'd always talk about how well she was doing.  In her new class she even won her class spelling bee!!!  
A few days before school let out they had a 50th year celebration and they honored the children of the man that the school was named after.  It was pretty neat!  The Kinders did a little dance to Happy from Despicable Me 2.  Too cute!!!
I wanted to take Ivy to see her teacher from her first school and she wanted to see her best friend so we drove out there and surprised them!!!  So cute!!!
I can't believe my baby is 6!  I cant believe shes going into 1st grade!! WHAAAAT!  She is so dang smart I cant barley handle it!  She'll def pass me up! haha (=

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