Saturday, April 25, 2009


Brittany, Ezra, Ivy and I did our 1st 5k today!!!! It was pretty good. Its nothing huge, but its a first and definitely not last for us! We got to the Town Square mall a little after 8am, registered and looked around at the booths for a while. It was fun. Lots of cool things to see. Then we started....I was right behind my old Weight Watchers leader...luckily she didn't recognize me! haha. We kept a pretty fast pace, walked and jogged (mostly power walked). This is us at the finish!!!
Brittany won a free membership to this met up group....?.... (=

At the end of the race Wal-mart was trying to give away all the left over water, granola bars, and bananas....we aren't trying to be pigs but they said they needed it gone... (=

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