Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Clark County Fair

It's been a tradition in our family to go to the fair ever since I can remember. We used to live in Logandale and we'd enter our chickens, ducks, pot belly pigs, and goats in the small animal tent. I always get so excited for it!!! Ivy had such a great time this year! Way better than last year because she was too young to understand what was going on. The past few years have been fun but we finally had everyone here again. Last year Aaron was on a choir trip and Brennan was in China. This year we had everyone!!! Even our 5th sister, my cousin Stephanie who came down from California with her boyfriend Mario.

She LOVED the pigs! The first thing we did
when we got there Friday morning was go to the pig races. Ivy was cheering for the little piggy's, it was so cute! Then we went to the small animal tent where they had baby pigs. She couldn't get enough of them.
Ivy made her own stick house!!! Well she colored by herself at least. They had a stick horse race but we didn't go because I had the see the hypnotist show of course!

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Amy said...

We used to go to the fair every year but we haven't been in the last few. Looks like we should make it out next time because you clearly had a blast!