Friday, April 3, 2009


I went to Target the other day so my little brothers could buy something. As we were leaving we walked by the cameras so I took a quick look. I saw a camera with the orange tag (which meant CLEARANCE as you target shoppers know) It was normally $130.00 but on sale for $109.00 it was the last one because it was the display camera and the rest had been sold. I started taking money out from my pocket and digging in my purse. Mind you I have been looking for a nicer camera for a while. I came up with $80 something....ugh! So the guy said he'd see what he could do. He gave me 15% off which made it $97.00. I ended up having to use $13.00 from my brothers to buy it, even though the reason we had gone in the 1st place was so they could buy something. But I paid them back took them to Target the next day
Its not the nicest thing but it works GREAT for me!!!! I love it!!! (=

i'm back in business! and no more ghetto phone pictures!

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The DeLoe Family said...

My mom-in-law has this camera and loves it!