Sunday, April 19, 2009

HaPpY EaStErS!

Easter is big for my family. After church we always go to my Grandpa's house. We have a nice meal and then the games begin.....We start with the egg hunt. The Easter bunny comes and hides the eggs and then we go out in order of age. Ivy and Ezra had fun by themselves for a few minutes. It was a great picture opportunity too. After that we count up our eggs and the winner gets a prize!!! Steph won this year (=

Then we do our coin toss. The last couple of years we have broken it up into two games. We have a chocolate coin toss and then a penny toss in the grass. Its tons of fun. Lastly, we all go find our baskets and once they have all been found we open them.

My parents got us a basket, and then later that day the Easter bunny brought one as well. We were pretty spoiled.

Here are the winners of all our Easter events!!!

I got Ivy a basket too. Inside of using a basket I used a toy stroller and filled it with fun things (=

We had an amazing Easter weekend. After 2 fun days at the fair and staying with my Grandpa we spent Easter Sunday in Mesquite with him. We don't get to go to his house very often so it was nice. It was great to have ALL of us there like old times!!!

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