Monday, April 13, 2009

cousinly love

Ivy LOVES Ezra!!! She is always saying his name and she gets so excited when she sees him. But she can be a little rough with him...she doesn't understand because they are about the same size. We weighed them the other day Ezra was 16lbs and Ivy was 19lbs...they are a year apart and almost the same size (= I love it!

She tries to help, here she is helping him with his sock. When he cries she tries to pick him up hahaha


annieandjustin said...

What a sweet little cousin! Only 19 pounds? She is so tiny. how cute!

Aaron and Chels Allred said...

oh that is so cute!!! she loves hiM!

david and kinsley harper said...

your going through the temple!!! im so proud of you! let me know when you do i will come! oh im so happy your doing good! i miss you to its been to long!